yuhuan xie, MD

Dr. Xie is an English and Chinese speaking physician who has training in both western and traditional Chinese medicine. She provides high quality mental health services through the integration of clinical expertise, personal values and research evidence. She emphasizes developing strength in your child and your family. Her diverse experience provides deep understanding of cultural, generational, and educational challenges families face when their children have mental health concerns. She offers medication treatment and individual and family therapy via both traditional face-to-face appointments and on-line telepsychiatry.


她的诊所提供高质量的心理健康服务。 这些服务包括个人心理治疗,家庭治疗和药物治疗,她还可以根据您的需要提供门诊或者远程视频服务。她会根据每个患者的具体情况和价值观念,结合最新的临床研究及多年的临床经验,给患者制定最具个性化的治疗方案。她非常强调发展及利用您的孩子和家庭的优势。 她有多年为亚裔人群服务的经验,所以特别理解由于孩子的精神心理问题及学习困难给移民家庭带来的挑战。

Psychological Issues:

ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Child, Depression, Family, Parenting, Teen, Trauma

Service Type:

Other Information:

Years of experience:

Type of license:Licensed

License Number:A99872

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Language Spoken:English, Mandarin, Cantonese



Contact Information:

Address:190 North Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek, California 94598, USA


Phone:(707) 237 -1090/9259445544

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