Peggy Peichia G. Wong (古佩加)

Having navigated through the turbulent adolescent years as a “parachute kid,” Peggy has a tender spot for tweens and teens, and works at a school based counseling intervention program in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. She is also passionate about helping families to bridge the cultural and generational differences.  Peggy received her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary. She has nearly two
decades of ministry experience working with children, youth, and women at her local church and with Chinese Bible Mission, a church-planting mission organization. She provides counseling and ministry skills training to church  and camp staff, and serves as a camp advisor for CBM’s summer camps.

作为一个“降落伞孩子”度过了动荡的青春期后, Peggy 对青少年有一个敏感的地方,并在圣拉蒙谷联合学区的学校咨询干预项目工作。 她还热衷于帮助家庭弥合文化和代际差异。 Peggy 获得了西方神学院的婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位。 她有将近两个在当地教会和中国圣经宣教会(一个植堂宣教组织)与儿童、青年和妇女一起工作的数十年事工经验。 她为教会和营地工作人员提供咨询和事工技能培训,并担任 CBM 夏令营的营地顾问。

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Type of license:Intern

License Number:AMFT109489,APCC5662

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Language Spoken:English, Mandarin



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Address:115a Town and Country Drive, Danville, CA, USA


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