Juei-Chen Chao (趙瑞珍)

Juei-Chen “Lanny” Chao received her M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and has been working as a psychotherapist since 2007. She returned to her hometown Taiwan in 2009 and then got her psychotherapy license in 2010. Lanny worked as a licensed psychotherapist at Shiuh-Li Liuh Memorial Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan and ran groups on process painting, mindfulness, and self-growth. She is currently a PhD candidate in the East West Psychology program at CIIS.

Lanny brings a diverse background and range of interests to her work. She was trained in Gestalt therapy, completed a comprehensive training in Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, received different approaches of Trauma training, and attended a Self-Inquiry group from a Non-Dual perspective. Lanny has practiced nondual meditation for years and am drawn to the creative process of painting and Taoist wisdom. Her approach to psychotherapy is to bring nondual wisdom and the integration of the body-mind-heart-spirit into a unique healing process for her clients. In working together with respect and authenticity, Lanny will assist her clients in developing their capacity of awareness and self-inquiry, which are essential for personal growth and transformation.

Lanny Chao provides culturally sensitive competence into her work and hope to contribute herself to Chinese community. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Psychological Issues:

Anxiety, Depression, Grief / Loss, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Pre-marital, Teen

Service Type:

Other Information:

Years of experience:

Type of license:Licensed

License Number:LMFT114115

Name of licensing organization:

Website of licensing body:

Working Organization:

Language Spoken:English, Mandarin, Taiwanese



Contact Information:

Address:2211 Post Street, San Francisco, California, USA



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